We Design

Privest pliers and knives factory How we design

  • Tentative idea

We communicate with our clients to receive A concept from them regarding to the usage ,outlook that they want for a multi tool .then we start the wonderful journey of designing & creating exactly what our clients want and need .


  • Draft

After repeatedly revision of draft drawings . our clients and we find & confirm what we truly want .then we will start to begin related preparations & works for the approved final version of draft .


  • Modeling

We begin working on the drawing based on the final draft both for outlook & construction .


  • External view

As the last step for preparation of drawings for sampling . mostly by this step we confirm the features of product are functioning and the construction of this product is completely secure and durable .


  • Approved Drawings & Sampling

Once our engineering department approved the drawings from our designers . our factory starts sampling by the approved drawings .