About Us

Privest Outdoor Multi Pliers Knives Manufacturer WHo we are

Who We Are

Kshield was born in Dongguan in 2009. A branch of PRIVEST OUTDOOR , we’re focused on the intersectin of design , production and service for our Multi-functions tools .Everything we produce with stainless steel from knives to Pliers are made with final goals : To create the value to maximization for our partners ,Also to deliver the best experience for users when use our multi tools in their lives at any outdoor activities .

What We Do

We have been in the industry of manufacturing Multi functions tools for over the last 16 years . We work with our clients under long-term cooperation becoming their execution partner to deliver the best quality of multi knives & pliers that build their brands and add value for them at every sides..

All because we enjoy & love long-term relationships with our clients, we are always pleased to provide the best  answers to the challenges faced by our clients in the most efficient way, both right now or sometimes in the future.

How We Do It ?

We produce our products in our factory where we have all processes under control .From the very first step to the final step which is shipping the goods for our clients .We have our own powerful quality control team to ensure that every details are promised to be taken care of in a efficient way .

Except for manufacturing the existing models that our company already have for our clients . Also we have our own design team that allow us to provide service for designing what our clients want based on the ideas that our client have in mind . Besides that Our technology team allow us to produce exactly what our client already drawn.

We can support either OEM or ODM ways for cooperation with our clients .

What We’re Proud Of

Privest Outdoor Multi Pliers Knives Manufacturer What we are proud of