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Privest·Kshield Pliers and knives factory our story

Kshield was born in Dongguan in 2009. A branch of PRIVEST OUTDOOR , This brand of ours is concentrated on outdoor survival Multi tools .A super knife and plier to fit almost everything our clients need in outdoor activities .We represent the image of “ KING ” in our industry with our more than 16 years experiences in this industry ,thousands of existing styles ,fully equipped plant and our professionally trained team. All of our sources become the firmest “  SHIELD  ” for our clients to protect themselves during experiencing outdoor lives . And every single Multi tool we produce we one final goal : To bring the best experiences in using by our quality in order to add the value to our client’s business to maximum.

We have been in the industry of manufacturing Multi functions tools for over the last 16 years . We work with our clients under long-term cooperation becoming their execution partner to deliver the best quality of multi knives & pliers that build their brands and add value for them at every sides..

All because we enjoy & love long-term relationships with our clients, we are always pleased to provide the best  answers to the challenges faced by our clients in the most efficient way, both right now or sometimes in the future.

For our background story of our brand please view as followings ..

Privest·Kshield Pliers and knives factory background story for kshield

In ancient China, Due to feudal lords pursuing hegemony, there were constant wars taking place everyday , And The weapon was one of the most important keys of achieveing the victory from wars. So many individual alliances are committed to building solid invincible weapons. A king was committed to manufacturing & creating weapons , recruiting many skillful craftsmen to work on  making various different weapons. All of his ministers exhorted that he had spent too much time and energy on weapons, so they have put forward some advice. But the king still didn’t stop. One day During one of The invasions from their Enemies  , one of the weapons that the king made played a very important role, eventually they won the war . The king was able to resist the enemies because of the very firm shield .Afterwards the king well protected people’s homes and defended his kingdom. The king could achieve the peace and prosperity society due to having shields We focus on making firm and practical hand tools to serve people and benefit society too.By Using SHIELD as in our name, And this shield makes us special ,makes us fight for an impregnable position in the hand tools industry.To become the KING in the Multi tool industry .