Muti Carabiner

Custom Color Every Day Carry Multi Carabiner with Knife

5 in 1 multi carabiner is a combination of Locking Carabiner, Knife, Phillips Screwdriver, Slotted Screwdriver and Bottle Opener. An unique design tool for daily real life.

EDC Multi Functional Twsit Locking Carabiner

Multi functional twsit locking hook is a multi tool kit for daily real knife.With flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, knife, glass breaker, led light, glass breaker and Bottle Opener. A perfect daily carry tool.

EDC Camouflage Multi Functional Locking Carabiner Hook with Knife

Not a simple locking carabiner hook but a combination of glass breaker, knife, flat screwdriver and phillips screwdriver which makes it a brilliant tool for daily real knife.