KSHIELD Custom Knife Design Model

General Introduction of KSHIELD Custom Knife or Tool Service

It’s always difficult to find a qualified manufacturer nowadays in creating customized products. But with us your doubts will be resolved.

For more than 15 years, we (KSHIELD) commit to become a professional and innovative manufacturer. And year’s accumulation of experience we are confident in developing kinds of custom knife or tool projects either based on your sketch, drawing, design, samples or even ideals. And each month we can promote 3 – 5 new products into markets.With Us Your Ideal Matters !


Here below is one of our own KSHIED Brand design Custom knife model –


KSHIELD Cusom Knife Model Effect & Style KSHIELD Cusom Knife Model Appearnce & Stable KSHIELD Cusom Knife Model Optional Design Styles KSHIELD Custom Knife Handle Color Option One

KSHIELD Custom Knife Handle Color Option Two

KSHIELD Custom Knife Handle Color Option Three KSHIELD Custom Knife Model Back Buckle Drawing